Blood Flow Restriction Training

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Reducing the overall stress

Blood-flow restriction training is achieved through the application of external pressure over the extremities. The applied pressure is sufficient to maintain arterial inflow while occluding venous outflow distal to the occlusion site. The goal is to enable patients to make greater strength gains while lifting lighter loads, thereby reducing the overall stress placed on the limb.

What this means for the patient is that they can build strength without putting undue stress on a joint. For example, a post-surgical meniscal repair patient can begin strengthening the quadriceps without loading the repaired meniscus, allowing for a more rapid return to activity.

Benefits if BFR include:

  • Muscle strength and hypertrophy gains
  • Improved muscular endurance
  • Diminished muscle atrophy and strength loss after surgery/disuse
  • Improved muscle recruitment
  • Growth hormone response

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