Manual Therapy

Manual therapy describes those “hands on” techniques we use to improve patient outcomes. These techniques include joint mobilization, joint manipulation.

Graston Technique

The primary benefit of Graston Technique® therapy is relief. Soft tissue injuries can be debilitating and frustrating.

Therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic exercise is the systematic and planned performance of body movements or exercises which aims to improve and restore physical function.

Sports Physical Therapy

Whether you are a profession an athlete, a competitive triathlete or a weekend warrior, an injury can be a frustrating roadblock to achieving your goals.

Youth Sport Rehab

Just as when treating our adult athletes, it is important we start with a thorough assessment and diagnosis of the injury and an understanding of where the athlete is in the sports season

Running assessment & coaching

 Magnolia PT offers the most comprehensive running assessment in in the Puget Sound region.

Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood-flow restriction training is achieved through the application of external pressure over the extremities

Womans Health

Whether you are 5 weeks or 5 years (or more!) postpartum and still experiencing these symptoms, you can make real change, and we are here to help!

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