Youth Sport Rehab

young baseball player

start with a thorough assessment

Because of their developing bodies, youth athletes can be disposed to a different variety of injuries compared to an adult. Youth athlete’s muscles, tendons and bones are constantly growing and adapting and sometimes the physical stresses of sports can lead to injury. For instance, apophysitis (growth plate inflammation) can be common within this age group.

Just as when treating our adult athletes, it is important we start with a thorough assessment and diagnosis of the injury and an understanding of where the athlete is in the sports season. Our therapists will set clear goals and measures for return to sport.  We will take a team approach, communicating with parents and coaches directly to ensure the best outcome and safest return to competition.

Magnolia Physical Therapy’s team of physical therapist have been treating youth sports injuries for over 20 years and are proudly involved with Magnolia Little League and Magnolia Soccer Club.

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